Rittenhouse Square Homes

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If you are considering Rittenhouse Square homes, you’ve come to the right place! The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, the most famous park in the City, is the centerpiece for luxury high-rise condominiums and townhomes of the affluent, exceptional hotels and restaurants, outdoor cafes, and upscale shops. One of the five original squares planned by William Penn during the late 17th century, once named Southwest Square in 1825, it was later changed to Rittenhouse Square after David Rittenhouse, for his renowned contributions to the city and the country. This area has a long history of being home to the area’s most wealthy and influential people. While many of the large homes around the Square were converted to luxury apartments and hotels in the 1950’s, a number of fine residences still stand, and are located in proximity to some of the city’s most unparalleled amenities.

Rittenhouse Square Homes For Sale

As mentioned, Rittenhouse Square homes offer a variety of options to today’s homebuyers. Whether you’re in search of luxurious Rittenhouse Square condos, a spacious townhome overlooking the Square, or a stately single-family home original to the Square, you’ll find it all here. As a local real estate expert and licensed Associate Broker, it would be my pleasure to introduce you to the Rittenhouse Square community and to the many wonderful benefits of being a resident in this area. As a Certified Accredited Buyer’s Agent and a Certified Luxury Homes Specialist, I have the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you in today’s demanding real estate market. Named one of Philadelphia Magazine’s Five Star Real Estate Agents, place your trust in my experience and reputation.

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