Rittenhouse Square Real Estate

Philadelphia’s most popular town square, Rittenhouse Square, real estate offers exceptional location. As you do your research into the area, you’ll discover local activities, attractions, and atmospheres that make each neighborhood unique and appealing. Consider what is important to you and we’ll help you find a home that meets your needs.

Rittenhouse Square got its name in 1825 in honor of David Rittenhouse, the brilliant astronomer, instrument maker, and patriotic leader. The Rittenhouse Square real estate building boom began in the 1850s. The neighborhood became the most posh residential section of the city. Some of the mansions from that time are still facing the square today. The present layout of Rittenhouse Square dates to 1913 when an improvement association hired Paul Philippe Cret, French-born architect. More than any other square in the city, Rittenhouse Square functions as a neighborhood park, picnic stop, and place for reflection. Some of the city’s best-loved sculptures call Rittenhouse, home. The reflecting pool is flanked by bronze sculptures. The square is a popular nightspot as well. Rittenhouse Square condo residents, homeowners, and visitors are well served by the restaurants surrounding the east side of the park. Enjoy sipping a cocktail under the stars at a candlelit outdoor table.

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